Artist Bio

Artist Sarah Harvie aka Solidair, made her first inflatable at art school in 1996, and her passion for the inflated form was born. For over 20 years, she has continued to push the boundaries of the inflatable medium. Her artworks are visually stunning, engaging and immersive environments that invite inquiry and play. She established Solidair Designs in 2010, which now employs a team of in-house designers and seam masters, working on commissioned and self-made artworks.

Artist Statement: I like to create artworks that invite the viewer to  go beyond the surface and meaning and enter into its physical space. Going beyond our own edges and exploring the collective emotional states of living. What happens in these spaces and how can it effect and inform our everyday living?

Chinese New Year.
Vivid Light.
Perfect Match.

Sculpture by the Sea.
Underbelly Arts.
Mardi Gras Party.
Sydney Olympic Games.

Woodford Folk Festival.
Glastonbury Music Festival

City of Sydney.
Destinations NSW.
Museum of Contemporary Art.
Inner West Council.
The Powerhouse Museum.
Lunar Lighting.
Legs On The Wall.
Erth Visual & Physical Theatre.
Sydney Mardi Gras.