Art by Sarah Harvie



Solidair works collaboratively with clients in the development of visual and interactive public sculptures. Clients have included, Museum of Contemporary Art  & C3 West, Legs on the Wall, Erth Visual & Physical Theatre, City Of Sydney, Festival Of Dangerous Ideas, Inner West Council, and Destinations New South Wales. 

Inflatable Art


Solidair specialises in inflatable art, immersive artworks siutable for almost any application. Inflatables that are visual, can include interactivity for play as well as education. They can be lit interanally or projected onto to add another dimmension to their experience. Using 3D software designed and made in house with years of hands on experience Solidair Designs can bring to life your ideas, and design a truly unique artwork.

Solidair creates small sculptures, which are suited to interior spaces and explore her sculptural ideas through a mix of materails such as clay, glass, bronze, plastics and soft stuffed forms.

Mixed Mediums